10 JUN 2019

thesis on clustering of twitter topics as a potential basis for election prediction

The thesis for my Bachelor’s Degree is downloadable –here–. It’s written in English and deals with clustering of Twitter topics, mainly.

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01 DEC 2018

thesis on testing and accessibility focusing on the websites of swedish municipalities

The thesis for my University Degree is downloadable –here–. It’s fully written in Swedish and concerns the Swedish municipalities, so for those of you having a pressing need to jump into Swedish specifics, this is your chance. A short presentation of the paper can be watched –here–.

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19 MAR 2018

do we have to change the world to change bitcoin? musings on bitcoin's environmental impact

The issue about Bitcoin’s environmental impact has been made more relevant over the last few years through the rise of Bitcoin. Why do we care about the environmental impact of Bitcoin? Is it large enough that we should care? If it is that large, could it be different? Could it be smaller? Or is it unavoidable, a neccessary fact of life, and thusly not worth caring about? This article will aim to answer both of these questions – the size and the necissity of the environmantal impact - in a way that makes it clear what we disagree about, if we disagree. I do expect us to disagree about how large the impact is, and how unneccessary it is, and therefore I will make my reasoning about both these issues transparent enough that we can disagree on specific points with all the facts in hand. I do not expect us to disagree about the fact that there is such a thing as environmental impact, or that it is worth trying to minimize it. If you believe either of these things this article is not for you, Donald, because I will not be defending my stance on them.

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02 OCT 2017

the joys of compiling your c# project into a self contained exe from vscode - a frustrated turorial

When you want to compile your C# code you’ve written in vscode, this will at first seem like an easy task - it is not. There are loads of tutorials on how to, which at first seems promising, but they all have one of two fatal flaws: either they explain how to compile a project containing of just one file (HelloWorld.cs) or they explain how to compile into a dll-file. Which is all fine and dandy if you want to compile into a dll file and run it on linux with dotnet installed but perhaps you just want a single .exe from a bunch of different files to run on Windows and then all hell breaks loose.

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