be welcomed to my experimental desktop.

it's built as a single page application and is a testing ground for new stuff, both in the desktop functionality itself and in each of the apps. at the moment the techniques I'm trying out are web components and service workers (thanks to Lyza Garden for the code base on those!) (also: try the site on mobile! try it offline! add it to your mobile home screen and try it as an app!) with some web sockets and my dabbings in illustrator thrown in. credit for the icons goes to david purnell of the noun project, and the memory bricks are courtesy of moa alfredsson. the site will store cookies and the likes in your browser (to 'enhance your experience', as they so convincingly say), so if you don't want that, run, run away. if you ended up here on something that is not chrome om android or chrome on a computer I apologize, everything is going to be a horrible mess. sorry. chrome. on android. unfortunately the only way to go with these experimental things.